• Location:
    Ramat HaChayal, Tel Aviv
  • Established:
  • Budget:
    Approx. NIS 5 million
  • Project Description:

    Construction of a central computer room (area: 100m²) with a floating floor, two secondary computer rooms and 24 secondary hubs, a total of 5,000 communication ports, CAT6A and CAT7, tens of kilometers of optical cable trays, installation of 25 communication cabinets and servers, and connecting 30 secondary hubs, including 88 communication cabinets. All the communication rooms are connected to a central optical avenue that includes an infrastructure of cable trays and enables the rapid addition of fibers, without the need to open up the ceilings or floors. A total of 2,000 optical communication ports were connected, and there is infrastructure for an additional 1,500 in cable trays.