The "lifecycle" concept guides the Electra Group to provide a comprehensive package of solutions for the client, covering every stage of the project in a one-stop-shop format. The technology division is leading the Electra Group into the future, working with both existing and new buildings while utilizing pioneering technological innovations and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is yet another pillar of excellence and technological advancement for the sectors in which Electra is a market leader: construction, infrastructure, electromechanical systems, and facility management.

In addition, Electra Technologies serves as a leading contractor for low voltage systems, such as communications, fire detection, and building security. The range of solutions offered by the division includes advanced Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), and other innovative tools and services that help each customer maximize their activities while saving on manpower and energy costs.

Switching to a Smarter Building

The office and residential building of the future – and in fact of today – is smart, economical, efficient, and especially convenient. Electra Technologies customers benefit from reduced energy costs, optimal operational efficiency, an inviting and comfortable work environment, and an upgraded customer experience that leverages smart technology, full connectivity, and advanced data analysis.

Electra Technologies views a high-rise building as a large network that can be upgraded and expanded over time, while reducing energy costs and improving productivity. All the building's systems – access control, cameras, turnstiles, reception desks, elevators, parking barriers, and more – are integrated into a central command and control system so that problems can be solved before they occur, minimizing downtime and extending the lifespan of the equipment.

The benefits are many and varied, and their impact can be felt throughout every facet of the building's activity: waiting time for elevators is shortened, parking spaces are best utilized, tenants and employees use their smart phones to pass through secure entrances, and so on. Phones can even be used to issue entry permits to guests, book conference rooms, adjust a room's air conditioning settings, and pay for lunch. The reduction of daily stress, congestion, and bureaucracy contributes to a significant improvement in the work environment, alongside real savings in maintenance and operational efficiency.

Breakthrough Companies in their Fields

Electra Technologies operates two leading companies in the field. The first is Electra Control & Communication (formerly "Girit"), which has been a leader for more than three decades in the design, installation, and integration of advanced technological systems. It provides comprehensive automation and control, security, command and control, multimedia, POL, data communications, and telecom solutions. The second company, Megason, specializes in advanced security and fire detection solutions for buildings and is at the forefront of "safe campus" projects in Israel. In addition, Electra Technologies operates SmartGreen, which specializes in managing, monitoring, and optimizing energy and operations through advanced technological tools, and presents an innovative concept for energy performance and structural optimization.

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