Passive Optical LAN (POL)

Electra Control & Communication installs and operates cutting-edge POL networks, providing organizations in all sectors with optimized network performance. This optical fiber communication technology enables LAN connectivity from the center of the network to all endpoints without the need for distribution or access switches. It offers network services to suit all user requirements.

Electra Control & Communication's fiber optic networks promise decades of high bandwidth support, as opposed to copper cables that require frequent upgrades to allow for increased network traffic.

POL technology offers thousands of users IPTV, video, data, internet, IP, and telephone services, with strong support, centralized control, and savings on space, equipment, and maintenance.

POL technology is based on the reliable GPON standard widely used by providers of FTTH applications. The technology is recognized by ITU standards ITU-T G.984.x and IEEE: 8012.3av, 802.3ah.

POL offers a range of advantages:

Wide deployment range with no need for intermediate switches or amplification equipment
Reduced Capex and Opex
Lower energy usage (from both electricity and climate control)
Increased network security
Lower space requirements
Centralized control and management