Automation & Control

Whether automating a single room or an entire national infrastructure, high-level monitoring is key to the smooth operation of complex communications and electronics systems, while also facilitating effective, rapid troubleshooting and repair. In light of this, Electra Technologies cooperates with recognized, market-leading control and automation system providers in order to supply our clients with optimal implementation solutions.

Electra Technologies designs, implements and manages complex building and industrial control projects such as the planning and installation of complete automation systems. This involves supplying controllers, software, and HMI, as well as cellular communication support between various end points and control centers.

The projects include:

Industrial process controls
BMS (Building Management Systems)
Energy management systems
Entry/exit control in designated areas
Construction and management of wastewater purification and water pumping stations
Monitoring and control of gas pipelines
Monitoring and control of water systems
Command & control centers