Fire Detection

Electra Technologies represents top brands and a world class solutions to establish a comprehensive response to all customer's needs. That includes installation of UL-certified fire safety systems, voice alarm, automatic agent release solutions, aspirating systems, DTS and more, for maximal safety and minimal damage. All of Electra Technology's activities in this field adhere to Standards Institution of Israel regulations.

Electra Technologies Ltd. provides all solutions in the field of fire detection and automatic gas releasing systems, including:

  • Integrated voice alarm and firefighters telephone systems.
  • Heat detection using fiber optics
  • Integrated smoke control system with UUKL standard.
  • Enhanced graphical software. integrated and allow controlling and monitoring fire systems.
  • Aspirating systems for data centers, clean rooms and more ...
  • Gas extinguishing solutions for rooms, spaces and electrical cabinets
  • Detection of explosive / toxic gases and intrisically enviroments saftey solutions.
The systems carry certification and compliance with the standards of the Israel Standards Institute and international standards such as UL, FM, VDS and NFPA standards.


The company has a team of experts that includes engineering and planning personnel, project managers and installation and service teams to provide the best and most efficient response to all customer needs.